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NanoSec Seventh Sense Report

Deep Infrastructure Agnostic Network Visibility for Applications

Enterprise Landscape Evolution

Enterprise applications are running in an increasingly diverse mix of environments, deployed in diverse private or public clouds. This kind of flexibility enables cost-efficient scalability and instant availability of business-critical services. This however greatly hinders application visibility and leads to proliferation of tools.

Challenges for the Operations & Security Teams   

Enterprise application evolution has created numerous challenges for IT Operations and Security teams, related to Network Visibility.

NanoSec Seventh Sense

NanoSec Seventh Sense Report provides deep application visibility into customers environments. It utilizes the first in the industry cloud-native visibility solution for any app, on any cloud or data center. This reduces capital & operational cost, while enabling frictionless migration of workloads across clouds, even as it gives deep visibility and provides assurance to the operations team as they try to make changes in the infrastructure at the speed of business.

Using its unique Cloud Component Tag model, which wraps a layer of visibility outside every component of any application, NanoSec Seventh Sense provides a visibility layer that can work across infrastructures. NanoSec collects deep structured, contextual data about applications from the process to the environment. It then summarizes these metrics to give a great view of the application.

NanoSec also provides a Component Dependency Graph enabling operations to understand every dependency of every critical process, component and application in the system.

Snapshots of some application dependency graphs (application/ component/ port details have been redacted)


NanoSec Seventh Sense Visibility solution is designed for Operations and Security teams, working on traditional environments or cutting-edge clouds. The solution helps reduce operations cost and risk, by providing deep visibility each component of every application.