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NanoSec Sentinel

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Enterprise Landscape Evolution

Enterprise applications are running in an increasingly diverse mix of environments, deployed in diverse private or public clouds. This kind of flexibility enables cost-efficient scalability and instant availability of business-critical services. This however greatly hinders application security as most tooling works in a single infrastructure and assumes slow changing environments.

On the other hand, there is proliferation of sophisticated hackers & malware, growing use of Encryption in applications and a phenomenal increase in the volume of traffic to secure.

Challenges for the Operations & Security Teams   

Enterprise application and security evolution has created challenges for IT Operations and Security teams, related to Network Security. Network Security tooling that relies only on traffic is hindered by ephemeral and diverse infrastructure, fast morphing malware and end-to-end encryption.


NanoSec Sentinel Security Solution

NanoSec Sentinel is the first cloud-native security that protects any app, on any cloud or data center at any scale with unparalleled visibility and control to drastically reduce risk, operational cost, and enable frictionless migration of workloads across clouds.

NanoSec collects 80 different metrics about applications to enhance the traffic based information it has. Using its unique Cloud Component Tag model, which wraps a layer of security outside every component of any application, NanoSec provides a security layer that can work across infrastructures. Using Behavioral Learning NanoSec is then able to build deep knowledge (whitelist) of the application and its traffic patterns.

This minimum privilege Whitelist then NanoSegments the infrastructure, helps reduce attack surface  by up to 98%, preventing lateral movement, privilege escalation, backdoor discovery and other hard to identify attacks.

Deployment & Operations

NanoSec wrapper works as an agent and runs on any flavor of Linux OS. The NanoSec Intelligent backend can be hosted by the customer on any midsize server on premise/ cloud or as a SaaS service.



NanoSec Sentinel Security solution is designed for Operations and Security teams, working on traditional environments or cutting-edge clouds. The solution helps reduce operations cost and risk, while providing precise security around each component of every application.