• We are excited to announce that NanoSec has been acquired by McAfee. We look forward to working with McAfee to help redefine industry standards for containers and workload security. Please stay tuned to McAfee.com for future updates.

Secure Your Apps Once – Run Them Anywhere

NanoSec radically simplifies and improves application security and protects critical business assets from unknown cyber-threats on any infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure, Private Cloud or ECS, EKS, Fargate, GKE) and at any scale. NanoSec provides run time security, image scanning and config audit for container environments.

Problems We Solve

  • data-visibility-icon


    • Visibility into all Traffic
    • Visibility into every app process, container
    • Visibility across the CICD pipeline
    • Ability to detect backdoors and rootkits
  • security


    • Securing encrypted traffic
    • Detecting runtime security issues in OSS
    • Preventing lateral movement and exfiltration
    • Config Audit and Static container image scans
  • agility


    • Detecting issues early in the software build pipeline
    • Security at the speed of business
    • Integration with DevOps and SDLC



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